How To Make Your Tattoo Shop Successful

No one will tell you as an upcoming artist looking to open your tattoo shop how challenging it is to penetrate the market. It could be certain that you possess the talent to tattoo someone, or you are in a position to hire professional tattoo artists. However, it takes more than that to become a successful and professional tattoo shop. With tattoos become trendy over the years, there is a ready market, but you have to be unique to top the league. Here are some tips that can make your tattoo shop successful.


Your business location is a crucial factor to consider when coming up with your tattoo shop. Selecting a poor location for your tattoo shop is a sure way to shoot yourself in the foot before even starting. A popular choice will be a mall or retail center, though it is not the only option. A flea market will be a great and unique place to consider for your shop, as it has great foot traffic. Also, do not underestimate the convenience of putting up a tattoo shop in your home. It is great for building up your portfolio and establish your clientele base. All that is required is to ensure that you set your shop in an accessible and convenient place.

Create Good Atmosphere

Once you have your clients in your shop, make them feel comfortable and want to stay there. You may wish to put yourself in the place of business for an authentic experience. However, it is the cline that you are trying to sell. You can paint your walls with calming colors and decorate them with your portfolio. It will help your client browse your portfolio and make them feel that your tattoo shop is the one for them. Furthermore, consider having up-to-date magazines for those in waiting—good temperatures and cool music that will lure them into your shop.

Learn How to Say No

As a business person, you may focus on getting clients and customers too much that you do not realize when getting out of scope. Even though you could be experienced, some tattoo choices will be out of your skill choice. Alternatively, as an expert, you know that that particular tattoo may not heal well in the placement or fade. It would be better to say no, or advise your client accordingly. It will help you earn a good reputation. A professional tattoo and piercing in Patong will not tattoo kids or young people who want a face, hand, or neck tattoo yet do not have a steady job. It would help if you understood that it is not worth your name although you have turned down instant money.

Keep Learning

Lastly, as a tattoo artist, never stop learning. You stay updated on everything beneficial in the industry. Therefore, you need to have modern techniques, equipment, and trends. Moreover, you should attend tattoo festivals and conventions to learn more and mingle with fellow artist, some who may have insights you have not considered yet. Also, for your tattoo shop to be successful, ensure that you treat it as a business. Do not hire friends and family who are not able to keep work ethics.