Lucy & Hugh's Barrett Lane Wedding

Weddings on the smaller side have always had a special place in my heart. I'm almost certain it's because I've never been one to enjoy the limelight. Honestly, nothing terrifies me more than having so many eyes and peoples attention towards me. This is why I'm not a big birthday party celebration person or why I hated talking presentations at school! I'm happy being unobserved. Which is why I love documentary photography so much. The more unobserved I am, the better. This is also why I love intimate weddings. There's something to be cherished about sharing a moment so special with only the most dearest people to you. So when I got to know Lucy & Hugh, I knew I was in for an amazing day. The connection they have with their families is beautiful and the attention to detail they put into their day was heartwarming. Lucy's grandparents, although not with us today, were just as much a part of her wedding with a portrait of each of them in a locket on her bouquet.  Lucy's sister was her maid of honour and Hugh's brothers were his groomsmen. They celebrated the day with their closest family & friends at Barrett Lane and oh, was it a day to remember. I see so much of my own family in the way these two are with theirs. They are incredible souls and I was so very happy documenting their day. Much love to you my friends xx 

Venue: Barrett Lane, Herne Hill. Make up/hair: Jacqui Campbell. All details (inc. flowers, cake, reception decorations) hand made by Lucy, Hugh & their families.