Great Ocean Road Adventure (Victoria)

Last November I took a week off and left little ol’ Fremantle for Melbourne. Immediately after landing in Melbourne, I got my rental car and took to the road. First stop, Williamstown (because anyone who knows me, will tell you I’m a sucker for a seaside town). After exploring Williamstown for a few hours & chowing down on a hearty vegan breaky, I once again took to the road. Next stop, Lorne, then Apollo Bay.  Coming from a very flat part of W.A. I was blown away to be in a town surrounded by hillsides. It was magical. Magical enough to make me set my alarm to wake the next morning before the sun even did. But wowsers, was it worth it! Sitting on that hillside alone, rugged up in warm clothes with the cool easterly wind blowing on my face & watching that golden light spill out from the clouds, wow, it really does something for the soul.

After a couple of days of exploring the Great Otway National Park region, I drove up to Port Fairy. Two distinct reasons made me drive out to this town. One, it’s a seaside town, and two, hello, Port Fairy? Who’s not going to want to see a town with the name Fairy in it?! Once I got to Port Fairy and sadly discovered there aren’t any fairy residents, I shook it off and went exploring.  In all seriousness, this town was so wonderful. So incredibly charming with such lovely people who live & work there. I spent two nights in this town and it wasn’t enough. It was special there. The air recharges you. If you’re planning your own trip and are considering if Port Fairy is worth the drive out of Melbourne? Do it! You won’t regret it.

In the early, dark hours of the next morning I said goodbye to Port Fairy & drove to the Twelve Apostles. I was hoping to greet the sun there and get some amazing golden photos, but instead I got something better. It was very overcast and extremely cold and the air was blue. Another amazing moment I got to witness. But this time, instead of being in awe of greatness, I grabbed my camera & bolted back to my car sitting in the empty car park. It. Was. Freezing! Holy Moly, was it freezing. Although it was a incredible sight, It’s hard to be in awe of something while your lips are becoming the same shade of blue as the sky!

So, back on the road and back to Melbourne I drove. I spent the next couple of days in Central Melbourne & got my fill of quaint alleyways, incredible architecture and amazing food (and shopping of course).  After visiting this city I could see why Perthites would choose to relocate to Melbourne. Although it’s a big city, to me it had that small city feel. Certain parts of the city felt quaint. Intimate.  And worth a week to explore the city itself. Next time, yep, next time.

Well, I hope you enjoy my photos below. I’m no dedicated landscape photographer, but I think I did my travels justice. It’s how I saw Victoria and hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought on your next trip along the Great Ocean Road.

Also, yes, there is a shot of a Koala in there. After 31 years of being alive, I finally saw a Koala in the wild. I flipped out! Thank goodness I was travelling alone or else that would have lead to a very embarrassing moment!

Carla x